The General Assembly for the transition of mountain tourism aims to bring together players in mountain regions. Both Marie Borin and Kilian Jornet have joined this approach with strong interest.

Not satisfied with their high-level sports achievements, Marie and Kilian are personally involved in sustainable tourism projects and climate change mitigation efforts. Their actions help to defend a more resilient mountain region. « Imagine a more sustainable future with a more harmonious relationship between inhabitants, tourists and mountains », a day-to-day challenge and inspirational journeys for these ambassadors for transition and protection of biodiversity.



This major sports personality started skiing at 14, with a desire to explore the snow-capped mountains. Her competitive spirit led her to wear a long series of number bibs until she reached the age of 32 in 2018. « With a body that works well, a supportive entourage and an energy to move any mountains », Marie brought home memories in medal form:

Her commitment to the transition of mountain tourism has grown each year as she observed the changes occurring on the Vercors plateau: less snow, higher temperatures, higher tourism numbers. Marie feels that we are all responsible for being proud of the mountains that we’ll leave to our children, that we will show off to our visitors. « We will host the visitors we deserve through the quality of the services on offer. » Today Marie manages a hotel in Corrençon-en-Vercors. This quest drives her every day: allow others to discover nature, sport, and respect for the environment, whether from a hotel room, a dinner plate, or the activities proposed. For mountains that remain mountains.



A versatile professional sportsman, several times World Champion and holder of multiple records, Kilian Jornet defines himself foremost as a mountain enthusiast.

As he visited mountains and glaciers all over the world, he has been able to observe to what extent climate change effects have been devastating.

He established his own foundation after becoming aware that everyone has a role to play to reverse this trend and ensure that future generations can not only enjoy the mountains but live on a healthy planet. In his eyes, the high mountain ranges and glaciers are an essential part of life on Earth, affecting everything from the water cycle to biodiversity. The aim of his foundation is to work on protecting these regions and their role in the health of our planet.