• On 23 and 24 September 2021, all stakeholders from the mountain ecosystem are invited to come together to discuss the issues of the transition in tourism, contribute their collective intelligence and co-build future solutions for their territories.
  • The General Assembly on the transition of mountain tourism represents the opportunity to be advocate another tourism model, firmly anchored in the territories, and driver of a genuine « living mountain ».

Les ETATS GÉNÉRAUX, c’est avec qui ?

Two associations are behind this event:

2TM – Transition des territoires de montagne et Mountain Wilderness.

As part of the European Union strategy for the alpine region, this event has been prepared jointly for over a year, with strong participation from the public sector, the private sector and citizen groups, stakeholders in mountain ecosystems

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La ligne d'horizon


    Bring together the diverse population of mountain players and create synergy on the need to change the paradigm of the mountain ecosystem.


    Create bonds and build bridges between stakeholders in the same territory and between territories.


    Increase the visibility and promote existing and future inspiring initiatives.


    Highlight the players in each territory and drive momentum towards firm action.

The aim?

  • Brought together at the same time from forty mountain territories, stakeholders from local ecosystems will work together in workshops using collective intelligence methods to share opinions, issues and problems specific to their economic, social and environmental situations.
  • A selection of existing transition initiatives will be showcased in plenary sessions to provide inspiration and motivate creativity.
  • Identify systemic responses to ensure that tourism in mountain territories causes as little alteration to the resources as possible, while generating added value for inhabitants
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