One of the aims of the General Assembly is to bring together players in mountain regions. In this spirit, the governance of the General Assembly is divided into several committees. This event has been prepared jointly for over a year, with strong participation from the public sector, the private sector and citizen groups, stakeholders in mountain ecosystems. Multiple contributors have supported the organisation of this event.

Partners of Organising Committee:

POW, SNAM, Mountain Riders, DSF, ADRETS.

Institutional partners

Government: Ministry for Territorial Cohesion, Secretary of State for Tourism (logos of ANCT, Government and French Republic), Commission for the Alpine Range, Regional authorities: Auvergne Rhône Alpes, PACA and Bourgogne Franche Comté.

Socio-professional partners, unions, associations and federations

ANEM, Atout France, ANMSM, Alliance des Alpes, CIPRA, Cluster Montagne, FFCAM, Demain Savoie Mont Blanc, FFME, France Montagne, Nordic France, MCF, OSV, SNGM, SNGRGE, SNMSF.

Financial partners

Zag, Idfuse, Explore Fund, Petzel, Labex ittem, Fondation Lemarchand eand Montagne TV.

Exhibitor village